Monday, June 13, 2011

Radio Flyer Big Red Classic Atw

Introducing Radio Flyer Huge Red Classic Atw

With so many Radio Flyer product available nowadays, it is excellent to acquire a name you can recognise. The Radio Flyer Huge Red Classic Atw is certainly that and will be a brilliant buy.

Radio Flyer Huge Red Classic Atw

Radio Flyer"s All-Terrain Wagons (ATWs) are the world"s first sports utility wagons. With their sturdy, all-steel construction, brawny air tires, large capacity, and high quality features, ATWs hold adventure beyond the driveway and into the fantastic outdoors. ATWs are the perfect companion for adventurous children of all ages who admire to blaze trails into the imagination. And for the young at heart, they also create backyard projects fun and simple when used as all-purpose utility carts.

Features:50% deeperHigh sides for additional capacitySturdy steel constructionControlled turning radius that prevents tippingNo-pinch ball joint that keeps fingers safeExtra-long handle for simple pullingReal air tires that provide a super-soft, super-silent ride

Wagon measurements: 36" x 17.5" x 6". Wheel measurements: 10" x 4".

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We are delighted to stock the brilliant Radio Flyer Huge Red Classic Atw.

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  1. Handle folds under for simple storage
  2. Durable steel wheels with real rubber tires for a silent ride
  3. Additional-long handle for simple pulling
  4. Deepest Radio Flyer steel wagon

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