Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kid Trax Le Mans Corvette C5 Electric Ride-On

This Speedy Ride-On With Classic Corvette Styling Will Rev Little Racers Engines On Every Ride

Kid Trax Le Mans Corvette C5 Electric Ride-On

Price : $353.66

Brand : Kid Trax

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  1. Includes battery and battery charger
  2. One-year limited warranty for Corvette. six-months for battery. Toll-free service: 877-741-6154
  3. Allows speeds up to 2.5 MPH and 5.0 MPH with reverse at 2.5 MPH
  4. Simulates realistic riding experience with racing sound effects, working FM radio, and dashboard LED lights
  5. Corvette electric ride-on with two-speed transmission

User Comment

Question | Rating : 4 | on : 2009-06-03
Hello I Ordered this car a cupple of mounths ago. I\'m from Europe soooo I want to ask from where can I buy spare parts for this car.

I\'d be very thankful if you give me a website or something because I need some parts :)