Thursday, November 12, 2009

Zappy 3 Pro Electric Scooter

Economical, efficient, reliable and productive. The new 2009 ZAPPY 3 electric is a unique solution designed around the needs of the warehousing industry. Emission-free and equipped with a 300 watt geared motor, folding handlebars, headlight and storage basket. Costing you only pennies to operate, the ZAPPY 3 Pro is both easy to maintain, use and refuel. *CHARGING TIME: 4-6 hours for pennies *BATTERY TYPE: Sealed lead acid (IATA Certified A67) *TIRES: Pneumatic *COLOR: White, Blue *SIZE: 40*26.8*38.6 inches *WEIGHT: 79 lbs. * STANDARD ACCESSORIES: Basket, Headlight and Horn & Removable Seat * Range will vary significantly depending on hill grade, speed, and rider weight. REMEMBER: ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET.