Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turf Trike "Sport" Golf Course Bicycle Atlternative Golf Caddy / Cart

Fantastic! Awesome! Tons of Fun! These are the usual responses given after a round of Golf using the Turf Trike Sport. The worlds first cycle powered golf cart is changing the way many players and course owners view mobility on the golf course. It is a healthy, fun, and fast way to play golf! The Turf Sport provides a very unique way to get exercise before, during, and after your golf round. Weather you are a casual golfer or a PGA professional the Turf Trike Sport can add a new dimension to your golf game and to your level of fitness! We like to believe it improves your scores as well, something about blood circulation and increased heart rate, but well let you be the judge. One thing is for certain though, play a round of golf on the Turf Trike Sport and your game is sure to be enlivened! Golf Course facilities are wise to welcome the Turf Trike Sport as an addition to there car fleets to accommodate health conscience golfers. Individual golfers are excited about the option of owning a personal golf vehicle that can be used on and off the golf course! Please review the Turf Trike Sports features to learn just how unique this product really is. We hope you have the chance to experience a round on a Turf Trike soon.