Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vespa Scooter Ride-On

Little ones will delight in zipping around on this miniature Vespa scooter that looks like the real thing This award winning Chicco Vespa is a three wheeled battery-powered sit n ride toy that goes backwards and forwards has a horn and is ideal for use both indoors and out Recipient of Best Classic Toy award by Dr Toy Measures 17 5 H x 26 W x 30 25 D Requires 6 D batteries not included

Vespa Scooter Ride-On

Price : $56.15

Brand : Chicco

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  1. For both indoor and outdoor use
  2. Moves backwards and forwards and has a working horn
  3. 3-wheeled, battery-operated scooter
  4. Designed after a real scooter
  5. Winner of the \"Best Classic Toy\" award from Dr. Toy!

User Comment

Vespa Chicco | Rating : 5 | on : 2009-04-25
As a vespa owner this is very cool to have so your kids would also enjoy what I am enjoying :D
Trendy & Fun Toddler Ride on! | Rating : 4 | on : 2009-04-05
We bought this for our just about to turn 2 daughter. I was worried it was going to be too small for her as she has long legs, but when she got on it was perfect with room to grow.

This is Trendy looking, Fun to ride toy. My daughter quickly learned how to use the controls. She loves this ride on.

The only downside for me is that in the house it is quite noisy. If it wasn\'t so noisy I would have given 5 stars.

She rode this for about 30 minutes or more and no fuse trouble has shown up as others have said.
My niece loves her new hog | Rating : 4 | on : 2009-03-11
Well i new that my young niece would need to have some time to \"grow into\" this gift, but she has a blast riding it around, the only thing a baby might not like about it would be that the electric motor is very loud, especially if you\'re combining that sound with the hardwood floor or linoleum that it basically has no other option but to roll on as this scooter literally has less than 3/4\" ground clearance so shag carpet or rough sidewalks are all out of the question. Make no mistake it\'s for inside, and it\'s kinda noisy, but when I see my one year old niece chasing a 10 year old pitbull around the kitchen with while laughing hysterically, it makes the noise music to my ears.
very small | Rating : 5 | on : 2008-09-10
love it!

we have had this toy for two years and it has been great.

I bought it for my 3 year old and received it and changed it to a gift for my 2 year old because it is a lot smaller in person. They both love it!
Great as a first ride-on toy...a bit over-priced! | Rating : 4 | on : 2008-03-12
We purchased this scooter as a Christmas gift for our youngest daughter, three years old at the time...our older daughter got the Razor Bistro Mod Pocket Scooter. Yes, this is a tiny little scooter! But it was perfect for our daughter! She is small for her age and was absolutely petrified of moving toys, amusement rides, etc. and this scooter was a great way to help her feel more comfortable with something \"motorized\"!! For the first few months, she would not sit on it but would put her dolls on it, squeeze the handle and take them for a ride...she now is 4 1/2 and this still pulls her weight well...she rides with her knees out!!! It also taught her the concept of steering...OMG!!..I could not see her riding anything faster than this slow moving vehicle the way she steered! If I had purchased this for her sooner, 18 months???..I think she would have been more at ease with \"rides\". I did not pay full price for this because I had credit on a gift card---I think $39.00 is a more suitable price. Also, it has been over a year and we haven\'t had to change the batteries (Energizer) or the fuse at all...It was unbelievable so many had problems with fuses...maybe there was a bad batch of scooters or something!!