Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lil Buddys Lil Sportsman Ride On

Lil Buddys Lil Sportsman Ride On

Price : $49.95

Brand : Imperial Toy

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  1. Recommended Ages 1 1/2 to 3 years (not to exceed 40 lbs.)

User Comment

My kids love it | Rating : 4 | on : 2008-02-04
We bought this for my son last year, when the price was ridiculously low, and held onto it for a year until his second birthday this past weekend. I know we haven\'t used it long, but so far it\'s been great.

Though I don\'t know that I would pay the full price for it (I\'d go for one with a reverse for the same price range of $60 or whatever), it\'s very much worth what we paid and more.

My two year old and [very thin, so under the weight limit] five year old have both been driving it for two days straight. No battery issues or any other issues.

My only reason for not giving five stars is that there is no reverse. But it\'s light enough for my two year old to move it around with the handle w/out much strain.

I love that it doesn\'t go very fast since the feet are so near the wheels. His bare toes are often up against the moving wheel and no injury at all--he doesn\'t even seem to notice. It\'s very easy for him to get off of and onto.

Oh! One more slight complaint, the \"storage compartment\" is really hard to open. My five year old can\'t do it w/out help. I\'m hoping it will loosen up a little as we use it more.

So, not having it long, take this review with a grain of salt, but for the $13 or $14 we paid, it\'s totally been worth it so far.